This Virus is not something you and your Family want to take as a joke. This is what you need to do to protect your health from shutting down on you at a moments time. You most put a MASK on when your in a public seen health is what keeps you walking around. The spread of Covid-19 has brought many loses to many families our hearts, Thought’s and prayers go out to everyone.

Wash your Hand and Face after every bathroom use when you get back from running around town. Once you get home very important take your shoes off at your door step use house shoes only ones that don’t walk around public area’s. You walk on billions and billions of germs every day and do you really want to track all that into your home and where you sleep. Make sure your ac filters are changed every 30 days make sure ac filters and air ducks and dust free. You may also want to check all the fans in your house make sure there clean and dust free.

Sweep and mop your floors 3 times a week keep no dishes in you sink unclean. Do not drink unclean water this may also bring harm to your health. Try not to use the same MASK always have a fresh new one ready to use as you walk out your home doors. WASH the out side of your home from rooftop to grounds level soap and water.

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