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Friendly reminder – in 2014 I traveled to Dallas Texas with a couple friends for a vacation — one month later I was residing there, with only around $500 in the bank. I took a promotion/transfer and ironically I made 1k less a year. 2.5 years later I doubled my salary to well over I ever imagined making at the age of 25. Now, money is fabulous. It is. It sure does make life easier. My ex and I separated on Valentine’s Day 2018 and that was a huge eye opener for me. I had no one else. Literally. I worked 60 hours a week and got burnt out. So, I took a leap and chose to say goodbye to my 13 years of employment with Kroger and pursue a career change. (After taking some much needed time off work, lol) I moved home to Michigan after 12 months of being gone from the Krog. allowing me to accomplish some personal goals I’ve been striving to achieve. Come spring/summer 2021 – I hopefully will achieve my final goal I’ve been working so hard at allowing me to move to Florida and pursue my new career!!!

Now, with all that being said… the reason for this post is to put some voices In the heads of the ones I use to know here and choose to no longer associate with because why? I’ve now left Dallas over a year ago. I can honestly say that there is less than 5 people, back home here in Michigan, that has asked me what my story is. What’s new? What’s next? How am I doing? That tells me that everyone has formed their own imaginations of what my story looks like…. of course all negative.

Little does everyone know, I’m great. I’m 10 steps ahead, fully independent as I always have been, doing exactly what I planned to do. I had to make some hard, life changing decisions. I had to swollow my pride. I had to do what I had to do to line out the rest of my journey the way I see it. You should try it too.

Moral of the story…. money doesn’t buy happiness, the people you’ve known the longest make up the wildest stories about you, make the hard decisions and have the hard conversations now, so you can enjoy later. And of course…. love yourself. 🤍


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