it’s been really hard over the past two years that I’ve been trying to juggle Postmates and apps online that keep me busy I live my lifestyle day by day with faith in God that I will have at the end of the night every morning I wake up and I log on to my postmate app and I’m currently running around the city delivering food to numerous customers that are awesome I’m very thankful for keeping busy and grateful for the opportunity to feed myself and get ahead prayers answered The only thing that has been delaying me the most and probably delaying many other brothers and sisters out there that are struggling like myself in the world right now is apps like this platform I have over 30 unsettled tips they come in on delays I currently live my lifestyle on Airbnb or the backseat of my car at times I go to truck stops and take showers to keep myself hygienic I keep my car clean I used a lot of the money that I make on my gas and I get whatever food I can eat most days I even go hungry as I’m delivering delicious smelly good food I just asked that Postmates set it up to where the driver myself and many other loved ones out there have their tips closed immediately so it keeps them going so grateful for you God bless you and everyone you see just wanted to put this out there. ✊

By Enoc Rodriguez AKA Enocomm.corp

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