Tortured by his own mother and her boyfriend for several years, 8 year old Gabriel Fernandez’s little body couldn’t take it anymore and in 2013 he died of his injuries.

Today Gabriel would’ve turned 16 years old. The prosecutor who put his killers behind bars (DDA Jonathan Hatami ) and Sheriff Villanueva visited with Gabriel’s aunt, Mrs. Barron, to celebrate his short life.

It pains us @lasdhq that Gabriel had to endure unspeakable pain in his 8 years on this earth.

Please help us in law enforcement to be our eyes & ears so we can all continually grow stronger in our mission to protect our children from abuse at home, especially right now while the pandemic has forced children to stay home around the clock. Remember you can report any crime ANONYMOUSLY at 1-800-Crimestoppers!

Rest In Peace sweet Gabriel🙏🏻…you are not forgotten.

LASD #gabrielfernandez

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